Setting up your Property

How we onboard new customers

Onboarding Meeting

We will arrange a time to visit you home to get you setup. The meeting will last between 1-2hrs. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have at the meeting.

At the meeting we will:

  • Pick up keys to the home - 4 sets of keys (3 for 1-bed homes).
  • Quick tour of the home - to get a feel of the place.
  • Take a few initial photographs of the property to create the listing.
  • We install an access solution for your property at your meeting. We have two options: the wall mounted lockbox Fixed Lockbox or the Railing lockbox

What you need to do

Please prepare the following before the meeting:

  1. Signup to Airbnb and set up your payment preferences here:
  2. Verify your ID with Airbnb here:
  3. Ensure you have 4 sets of keys to your home (or 3 sets for 1 bed homes). Please make sure that you have at least 1 set of keys ready for us - we will need all sets in place before we can start accepting guests."
  4. Let us know your prefered access solution
  5. You will soon receive an automated email with instructions to set up a Direct Debit mandate to us - please follow the instructions.

You can complete these tasks before your onboarding meeting or we’d be happy to walk you through it all in person.

After the Onboarding Meeting

The next 7 business days after the meeting, we will:

  • Upload any new photographs that we have taken.
  • Organize Airbnb professional, verified photography (if necessary).
  • Review and optimise listing content (headline, wording etc) with creative copywriting.
  • Assess and setup the pricing strategy.
  • Link the listing to our price optimisation technology.
  • Schedule initial clean / linen rotation.

We’ll be in touch if we require any additional information. Any questions along the way, just let us know.